5 Green Practices to Implement in Your Construction Business

Green is in, even in the construction industry. A lot of construction companies are being more proactive in their quest towards being sustainable. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the simplest green practices that can change the way your construction business operates.

1.  Emphasize Dust Suppression

Dust may be tiny and invisible, but that does not mean that it is harmless. It can be a silent killer in the construction site, especially to workers who have long-term exposure. This can even be deadly as it can result in lung cancer. One of the best solutions is to use a fog cannon. The latter will work as misting equipment to effectively saturate dust and prevent it from getting in the air, harming people and the environment.

If you are looking for the dust suppression technologies to implement in your construction company, Bosstek might be able to extend a helping hand.

2.  Use Alternative Construction Material

Use sustainable building materials that can promote a greener future. They generate less water and are more durable. They can also be made of renewable materials. Bamboo is one of the best when it comes to green construction materials. It has incredible tensile strength while being lightweight. It is also renewable. Recycled plastic has also been recently popular in construction. This can be a great alternative to concrete.

3.  Source Locally

Speaking of construction materials, going green also requires sourcing locally. One of the best things about local sourcing is that it cuts carbon emissions related to the transport of the materials since it will be available from a nearby source instead of being shipped from another country. Aside from lessening carbon footprint, you will also be doing something to help local businesses thrive.

4.  Create a Waste Management Plan

Construction companies generate tons of waste from their business activities, especially when a project involves demolition. In a quest towards being a sustainable business, it is crucial to have a comprehensive waste management plan. This will provide a detailed discussion on how the business plans to dispose of its waste, making sure that such will be done in a manner that won’t result in environmental hazards.

5.  Work with the Right Suppliers

Going green in the construction industry is not a one-man effort. Hence, to amplify the effects of the company’s sustainability initiatives, you need to be more careful when working with suppliers. It is a must to have a thorough accreditation process. Make sure that they are one with your company going green. Throughout the supply chain, work only with companies that are also doing something good for the environment.

From dust suppression to a waste management plan, this article listed some of the must-haves for a green construction company. Take note of the things mentioned above to make your business eco-friendly, which can also result in cost reduction, better business reputation, and improved profitability, among other things.

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