Why Lighting in an Office is so Important

Lighting plays a huge part in our lives – it is well documented that during the summer months we are generally happier, more relaxed and more social than in the winter months, and it is noticeable how many more happy faces you see around when the sun is out.

This is why lighting in workplaces is so important – it is easy to see how lighting affects the mood of people – not only sunlight, but candlelight is often used for romantic meals, and coloured lights for discos and parties.

Workplaces during the winter months can be depressing places to be if there is very little natural light. Creating a good office atmosphere is partly reliant on making sure that the environment is one where people enjoy spending time – good equipment and comfortable furniture are also ways that you can make sure that the mood in the office is a good one – if you are looking for reception chairs then click here.


Lighting is a huge factor in creating a positive mood and higher productivity in a workplace – if you have low natural daylight, then there are lights that give off a type of light that is similar to daylight. This is from special LED lighting rather than a normal lightbulb.

It is amazing how much it affects the body – heart rate, blood pressure and core body temperature can all be affected by how much natural lighting our brains are receiving.

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