Will CBD Be Helpful in Treating Post Covid-19 Syndromes?

The present pandemic situation not only scares us, but even makes us more curious about the Covid-19 disease and everything related to it. While we lost many lives because of this deadly virus outbreak, many have even recovered and returned to their homes safely. Well, presently officials around the world are trying to figure out the long-term health consequences of Covid-19 especially for those who have recovered.

Some of the recognized Post Covid-19 Syndromes are:

  • Accumulation of Pro-Inflammatory Agents
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Stress and Anxiety

Can CBD help?

Researchers around the globe are working 24×7 to find a cure for Covid-19. They are exploring every possibility and trying every possible combination. Some researchers are even considering Cannabis or Cannabis derived CBD as a treatment for coronavirus infection.

Fortunately, the researchers suggest that there are many different ways in which products like homemade CBD gummies might prove to be helpful. For instance, CBD has the ability to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and as a result of which lung inflammation can be controlled. However, only a few studies are conducted based on this theory and there is much need of real experimentations.

For now, there are no scientific research that directly connect CBD to curing Covid-19 or it’s post syndromes. However, some anecdotal evidences prove that there is a possibility that CBD might provide some relief for different ailments. Scientific research conducted on CBD suggests it can provide following benefits:

  1. Reduce inflammation

CBD can help in reducing a few types of chronic pain. Users who have fibromyalgia confirms that they felt relief with the use of cannabidiol oil. Furthermore, there are many studies that suggest that cannabidiol oil consist of anti-inflammatory properties and thus treats neurotic pain.

  1. Ensures a good night’s sleep

Amongst all the cannabinoids derived from cannabis, CBD is the only one which indirectly interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. Now, these two receptors play a vital role in your endocannabinoid system, as they relieve pain and inflammation, provides overall relaxation and thereby induce better sleep.

  1. It has calming effects

Stress and anxiety not only affect your mental stability, but your overall health. In many cases, it causes symptoms like severe headache, chest pain and high blood pressure. Now, a study conducted in 2010 concludes that CBD reduces anxiety, and have calming effects on those who are suffering from social anxiety or SAD.

The study even concluded that CBD not only reduced the anxiety issue, but it altered the way brain reacts to said anxiety. Brain scans proved that the blood flow pattern in the brain areas associated with anxiety and stress changed. Now, you can certainly take anti-anxiety medications available with prescription or OTC, but why not instead try some natural remedy like CBD?

When we talk about Covid-19 and its post syndrome, there is no evidence which proves that it’s symptoms eventually resolve, or whether they permanently damage our health. Then again, whatever the case is, if CBD is helpful, it is worth giving a shot. For now, all we can do is hope that researchers will look further into cannabis as a potential drug to fight Covid-19 and its Post Syndromes.

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