Article 2: 4 Rules to Avoid HVAC Repair Or Replacement

While budgeting for the coming month, have you allocated funds for usual HVAC maintenance? While planning to cutting costs in the next month, have you forgotten the probable expenditure on HVAC repair? These twisted question marks, if pondered for a moment, are trying to highlight and make you realize only one thing – don’t ignore the HVAC system you have or otherwise you will be going through a havoc.

Having reminded this, let us quickly jump to four (04) rules of the game to keep your HVAC system properly functional and operational throughout the year, round the clock. Here, you go!

Rule 1 – Keep the Outer Clean

Your outdoor air conditioners with condensers or heat pumps may prove as home of dirt and debris while impeding the system to function properly. Proper cleaning will also help you identifying whether or not any internal component is damaged to opt HVAC repair. You can use your garden hose to clean any traces of dirt on the fins.  Besides, you need to reassure if the outer unit is levelled for if it gets lopsided, you will end up with disjointed refrigerants causing AC to malfunction.

Rule 2 – Filters Cleanliness

Remember, the last time you checked air filters? Unless you are scheduled for periodic checking of air filters, you are saying ‘hello’ to HVAC repair. Unclean air filter badly hampers air-conditioner’s working while leading to high energy costs for heating as well as heavy HVAC repair cost. Air filters must be checked on monthly basis with replacement after every three months.

Rule 3 – Periodic Check-ups

Let a HVAC technician professionally examine your HVAC system from multiple perspectives. Once annually, this activity reduces the chances of HVAC breakdown under extreme weather conditions.

Rule 4 – Keep Drain Lines Clean

Clogged with dust and dirt, drain lines may become home to algae and mold. Preriodic cleaning of the same with a mixture of water and vinegar is so easy that you only need to remove outdoor cover and clean drain lines using a piece of cloth without undergoing any tiring cleaning procedures.

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