Become a Better Boss by Earning the Respect of Your Employees

If one were to analyze workplace culture over the last few decades, the differences would be stark.

There was once a time where leadership was autocratic and that was the end of the matter. There was no room for any sentiment towards employees; they did as they were told and that was the end of matters.

Suffice to say, as time progressed, companies started to realize that this really wasn’t the way to develop any sort of respect. It’s meant that the workplace has well and truly turned on its head over recent times, and this is where today’s article comes into play.

We will now take a look at some actionable tips that any manager can tap into, which can help them become a better boss. In doing so, you will command more respect from your employees and in short, make life more productive for you, and better for them.

Make sure you lead by example

We’ve all heard of the classic “do as I say, not as I do” saying – and this is what you should take from this first point. In other words, make sure you are leading by example by taking responsibility and getting your hands dirty. Failure has to be acknowledged and any rules that you created have to be followed.

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Create a positive work environment

We have got to the stage where a positive work environment is something that is almost expected by employees. An alternative is not an option.

It means that you need to do whatever you can do promote this. During times of hardship, it might be difficult, but just remember that people tend to perform better when they are working within a positive and uplifting environment.

This might be about giving people the credit they deserve, or just removing any politics and toxicity from the workplace. Unfortunately, those final points can be difficult to eliminate, but if you can do this the difference to your entire team will be completely worthwhile.

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Make sure you understand the difference between a boss and a leader

Trust us, there is a difference. The two are completely different things and while the term ‘leader’ is often viewed more positively, there are space for both roles.

In the case of a boss, you are looking to achieve direct actions. You are looking to achieve goals as efficiently as possible. When it comes to becoming a leader, this is a little more abstract. You have a vision – but you need others to carry this vision out.

You might fall into either category and it mainly depends on the type of role you currently occupy. If you own your own business you might be more of a leader, whereas a senior manager could probably be described in the boss category.

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Make sure everyone is given equal opportunities

Put simply, there should be no excuses for this next point and if you are not abiding by such principles, you’re not just going to have a problem gaining respect from your team, but you will probably be the subject of legal complaints as well.

There are many different forms of discrimination in the workplace, ranging from age to race. Make sure everyone is treated equally so you maximize your chances of respect.

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Reward your team whenever you can

We spoke about recognition previously, but this is something that really deserves its own section. It’s something that not enough people do, but at the same time it’s something that can make your team instantly respect you.

We’re often too quick to point out failures, but what about those wins that your team are getting each and every day? Make sure they are rewarded for these, whether it’s through team building events or even just a simple thank-you email. If you routinely forget this recognition, they will look outside of your company to receive it.

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