Easy office relocation

When planning to move office equipment, you must know what to do. It is also important to know the right office moving services to get to move your equipment safely. A business moving company will ensure that no equipment is damaged during your office move. For you to have a smooth experience during your office move, we have put together these eight essential hacks to help you move office equipment safely without encountering any major problems.

1). Downsize to the barest minimum

When thinking of moving California businesses to a new location, this is the opportunity to downsize everything that you can. Now is the time to dispose of all outdated and older office equipment. You must do this now instead of waiting until the professional movers arrive. Also, now will be the perfect time to remove the different documents that will no longer be needed by your office. Taking along too many items will ultimately slow down your move.-

2). Measure larger items before your move

Before your office movers arrive for your move, it is important that you completely estimate the amount of space that you will be needing in your new location. This is why when planning out any business moving project, you should ensure that you measure out all bigger items. Larger items like copiers and desks should be measured out beforehand. This will give you a better idea of how much space you will be needing in your new office location. You will also ensure that all your equipment and transferred directly to their designated areas once transported to the new location.

3). Use original packaging whenever possible

During your business moving project, you must make use of original packaging. Most moving California companies usually advise moving companies to preserve the original boxes for their items. This usually comes in handy during relocation projects. The original packages are used best to safely transport all fragile items. Most businesses usually dispose of original packages and boxes when they first purchase their items. If you feel that you have completely gotten rid of your original boxes, there is a workaround to help eliminate this problem. You can approach a reputable company for office moving services. They will help you get boxes that come with the right shapes and sizes. This helps your box and package all old and new equipment that you might be looking to transport.

4). Handle computer monitors with special care

Once more, it is always important to get original packaging whenever possible. Then again, you could easily damage your computer monitors when they are not been properly transported. This means that you have to do all you can to ensure that you carefully pack your equipment and items. Whenever they are packaged in a different box, it is always important to mark out these fragile and breakable items. This is used to alert the users of the nature of the contents of specific boxes and packages. This way, the movers will know how best to handle the boxed items.

5). Always choose bigger truck sizes

One of the mistakes that many businesses get caught in when moving is that they end up using a smaller truck. This does not always give them all the needed space. It is advisable to opt for bigger trucks. This will help ensure that you do not cram up too many items in a limited space. A bigger truck will give you the space luxury to correctly pack the truck. Furthermore, this also means that you will have more space to help store more materials. With more materials, all office items will be securely held tight. This is used to help cater against items moving as the trucks transport them to the new location.

6). Use as much bubble wrap as you can

When planning your commercial move, people are usually tempted to cut down their costs as much as they can. To do this, a lot of businesses will usually choose cheaper packaging materials and boxes. But in some cases, when businesses do this, this might lead to future additional costs. To properly package all smaller equipment, you could get a bubble wrap and securely wrap them. Bubble wrap will help protect your items as they are transported from your old office location to the new one.

7). Get enough people to help you with your move

When moving from an old office location to a new area, it is always a good idea to have more than enough people needed for the move. You should try to get as many people as possible. Even if you were going to get office movers, you will need to ensure that the company brings in enough people to be able to perfectly handle the task. Having enough people to help carry your items helps you to safely load in bigger items such as copiers, sofas, meeting tables, and desks. You will also be protecting the people involved with the move. Having enough people around helps you expedite the moving process as labour becomes available to do any work.

8). Try to involve professional movers

During any form of relocation, many people will usually move their items all by themselves or choose cheap movers. While this is encouraged to help save money, most times, it can be a cost-effective option to use professional movers. Professional movers come with all the needed benefits that you can find in a commercial mover. You get offered a wide variety of box sizes and shapes for the packaging of your items. You will also get a temporary self-storage facility just in case your item could not be transported on that day. Professional commercial movers also have a skilled team to help you have an excellent relocation.


These seven tips will safely allow you to help organize and execute a safe moving project. While planning your move, you must consider all the aspects and items of your move. The most important things to consider have been highlighted in these eight tips.

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