How the Rack Shelving Industry Is Growing

The rack and shelving industry is seeing more growth, mostly up the walls and space of businesses taking advantage of their vertical storage options rather than increasing floor space to allow for expansion.

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As online market places have become increasingly popular, the need to access and ship stock at rapid speeds has likewise increased. There is a push to get products out of the door as quickly as possible. The organisation of the storage of stock is essential to ensuring this happens in the most productive way possible.

A benefit of investing in shelving units is the ease and speed at which they can be installed. It’s also more cost-effective than expanding into further floor space.


A key consideration of shelving and racking is the health and safety of workers. While the stock is stacked high, it needs to be safe and pickers have to be able to reach. Safety gates and vertical lifts can help in these circumstances.

Vertical storage such as shelving Ireland has more than doubled in height in the past 30 years, and it is saving almost 60% of floor space. While the availability of upwards space is the initial consideration, ways in which items will be pulled from those heights is part of the design.

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Forward Planning

Racking solutions, such as shelving Ireland, are considerably better for bulk picking, and businesses are getting more selective about their shelving to ensure it meets both the current and future business needs. It may be that they need to manage pallets effectively with pallet shuttles with a forklift for hire.

Shelving Ireland lead times are also a consideration. Understanding that the customer will have put a lot of thought into updating their storage system, they will use the lead time for installation as a factor in the decision-making process. It is for this reason that it is advised that businesses plan ahead for updating their storage and shelving structures rather than wait until they are truly out of warehouse space.

The market for vertical storage is at an all-time high with little expectation that it will slow down in the foreseeable future because of the growth of online retail. It means that the fulfilment process moves at a faster pace and can satisfy customers’ delivery expectations.

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