How to Write A Personal Vision Statement

Personal vision statement are an important part of not just a business, but your own personal and professional development. You may think them a bit twee, but there is real value in getting down on paper the mixed thoughts that are in your head. Trust me! So, here are some tips to help you get started.

Time and honesty – that’s all you need to prepare and write your vision statement.  You’ll need time to reflect upon what you want out of life and what’s really important to you now and the foreseeable future.  Below are a few questions that you can ask yourself to get started.  Take notes, time to think, and be honest with yourself.

1)   What are your five most important core values?

2)   What are the five things that you most enjoy doing?  These are the things that feed your soul – it could be anything from kayaking to volunteering.

3)   What two or three things do you have to do every day to feel satisfied or fulfilled at work?

4)   If your life ended tomorrow what two or three things would you most regret not doing?

5)   Consider each aspect of your life – family, business, finances, fun, relationships and spiritual and write down one important goal for each of them.

Once you have spent time reflecting on these questions and answering them honestly, you can write your statement.  I’ve worked with many clients and have read many personal vision statements.  There is not right or wrong way – just start writing.  Below is an example of a personal vision statement written by a client who allowed me to share it anonymously.

I will live my life with an open mind and an open heart, mindful of the joy and the blessings that have been bestowed upon myself and my family. I will nurture loving relationships with my husband, children and family, both near and far, and appreciate their acts of kindness and generosity. I will put the well-being of my family before the interests of my business, and practice effective time and project management. I will foster rewarding and loving relationships with friends.

Personal Vision Statements Are Not Written In Stone

You should revisit, and, if necessary revise your statement annually depending upon what is going on in your life.  Life throws us curveballs and things change – your statement needs to reflect those changes.  Most likely, you’ll be surprised at how much of your statement remains the same.  When you write and revisit your statement each year, I think you’ll be surprised at how impactful it becomes and how your annual visits together provide meaningful reassurance and guidance.

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