Benefits of an Efficient Transport Management System

Benefits of an Efficient Transport Management System

With the rising cost of transportation, companies are desperately vying to look for an efficient alternative that could smooth over and speed up the process. As an answer to their prayers, the Transport Management System (TMS) came forth. While the TMS has gained much popularity, it is still only implemented by about 25-35% of large companies. However, it is not for lack of its benefits; rather, the high costs associated with its implementation. That’s where a third part logistic company can help. These established companies now offer the benefits of TMS at a competitive rate. Let’s take a look at how this system can benefit you: 1. Cost Effective Transportation With the implementation of the TMS, you have a control over the activities of your vehicles on route. Progress can be tracked in real time, helping you to foresee any potential problems that may arise. Your company takes on a more proactive role, eliminating problems and avoiding any additional costs. 2. Proper Management of Vehicle Route Plan

This feature enables the company to develop routes that will require covering less distance, proving it an effective mean in saving fuel cost. With the help of the TMS, a route can be crafted that enables vehicles to make less stops, decreasing the amount of time spent on each trip. 3. Management of Multiple Carriers The TMS, once implemented, allows you to manage a cloud based system so you can simultaneously manage multiple carriers in a single portal. This in turn assists you in selecting the optimal transit route that is both cost-efficient and time-saving. 4. Development of Multiple Loading Plan Each truck or fleet of yours may require a different loading plan, as per capacity and kind of goods that need to be delivered. The TMS efficiently and accurately develops a loading plan for multiple vehicles simultaneously. 5. Customized Reporting The TMS has another significant advantage of drafting reports that can be changed as per requirements. It enables an easy flow of data regarding the whereabouts of the vehicles, loading capacity etc. For a flexible and simple way to manage tariff rates, the TMS is an ideal solution. Furthermore, it also generates pre audit and post audit reports that makes certain that you are being billed accurately for every shipment. The TMS also allows you to stay up-to-date with any payable, receivables and increase in fuel price.

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