Dry Erase Surface and Markers: Importance in Education

A dry erase surface is another name for a whiteboard, and these materials are glossy which are used mostly in schools and offices. These materials are normally white, and non-permanent markers are used for easy erasing. Dry erase whiteboards provide the same use as blackboards, but writing on its surface is more efficient because one could wipe the writings faster and without exerting too much effort. In the mid-1990s, dry erase whiteboards became highly popular, and it became one of the standard boards used inside working areas. Dry erase whiteboards continue to dominate the market, and many schools and universities are now shifting to these types of boards because they produce no chalk dust, which can be an allergen to some students.

The dry erase boards were invented back in the 1960s. The initial dry erase boards were made with enameled steel, and the person who discovered it accidentally stated that the material could be used as an alternative for blackboards. The inventor of the dry erase boards founded the first board company called MagiBoards. The material became commercially available in the 1960s, but it saw its popularity more than four decades later. In the modern period, more offices are using these types of boards, because of its efficiency. Office equipment like computers is also susceptible to dust damage, so offices have decided to shift using dry erase boards to prevent it from happening.

The first type of dry erase boards is expensive, as it is made of enameled steel. However, further research conducted on the surface made it possible for scientists to create a cheaper alternative. The introduction of a cheaper version of the dry erase board made it possible for institutions to purchase them. These cheap dry erase boards are commonly laminated chipboard or coated with acrylic. These boards are reminiscent of porcelain, and it is cheaper to produce. The porcelain surface of dry erase boards are considered superior by a lot of schools and offices, and it has become the most common type of boards used.

With the rise of dry erase boards come the developments of other materials like markers and erasers that are used exclusively for these products. Erasable markers were introduced in 1975, and it contains ink that is erasable and does not bind to any material. Today, most whiteboard markers are sold with a separate bottle of refillable ink. This ink is injected into the marker once it runs out of ink, or if it dries out. Dry erase markers are said to be more economical because of its continuous usage. More developments in the field of dry erase markers are conducted by manufacturers to create the most effective markers that are cheap and highly durable. Those who wanted to learn more about dry erase boards can visit this website.

Dry erase boards in the present time are made with various materials, depending on its availability. These materials are melamine, painted steel or aluminum, hardcore laminate, porcelain, tempered glass, or polypropylene film.


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