An Overview of Sign Board Materials, Consider The Choices

An Overview of Sign Board Materials

Looking for traditional sign boards featuring painted letters or attractive modern sign boards is absolutely your choice. The main feature expected of sign boards is that it should look out standing and stand in all weather and climatic conditions. It should be durable, strong, stable and weatherproof, besides being long lasting and tough. Thus, using the proper sign board’s materials is equally important and here is a guide about the sign board materials: Standard Calendered Vinyl This is effective for outdoor permanent or temporary indoor sign board’s solution. This is because it is typically chosen for outdoor life and is available in a range of colors. The life span of standard calendered vinyl is three to five years. Premium Cast Vinyl This material, premium cast vinyl is more durable and tolerates extreme conditions. This type of vinyl is an assortment of colors rated for outdoor life for a period of five to seven years. They are the preferred choice for sign boards that are placed outdoor permanently and also are great vehicle graphics. Specialty Vinyl Specialty vinyl enables achieving a distinctive image, though durability varies greatly. Fabric Fabrics that are printed digitally are new and are making a splash in the sign boards industry in combination with the digital technology. The fabrics for flags, banners, fine art and awning include canvases. Thus the printed fabrics uses are endless. Wind Mesh Wind mesh features tiny holes in the fabric. These holes allow air moving, thus it eliminates the wind damage that is associated with traditional banners. The wind mesh makes ideal street sign boards, building wraps and also as large exterior sign boards. The materials are see through and are great as storefront applications.

Corrugated Plastic A capable, sign material is the corrugated plastic and is a temporary signage. This material can be used for indoor sign boards, while the other plastics such as acrylic or PVC are more durable and present a better image. Polystyrene Polystyrene is an affordable option featuring absolute durability in comparison to the corrugated plastic. This material is white plastic that is solid, that does not dent or easily crease. It lasts indoors indefinitely and in the outdoors will yellow only after few months. The thicker stock is tough to suit as seminar show cards, while the thinner stock for signs that needs frequent traveling. It is flexible to be placed in a shipping tube by rolling it or even on a tradeshow canister. Foam PVC This material is ideal for indoor permanent applications that need an upscale presentation. This material is not recommended for outdoor sign boards. Acrylic This is a durable material providing the upscale look to attract image-conscious clients. It suits outdoors as it provides the tolerance and durability required for permanent applications. Polycarbonate Polycarbonates are shatterproof plastics providing flexibility and durability. They are extensively used as exterior sign boards in areas subjected to vandalism. Aluminum This is also a perfect material for outdoor permanent sign boards. Aluminum does not rust, and the tough enamel does not peel or flake.

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