Why You Need Multi-Cloud Monitoring Services


Cloud platforms have become an integral part of most businesses, and this is the reason they have become more efficient. Data and software are all stored in the cloud. This innovation has improved security apart from freeing business owners of too many tasks. With these services, there has risen a need to have monitoring services so that you are sure that everything is working well. However, do you get a monitoring service for every cloud, or get one that will cater for all including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Azure? If you look at websites such as https://www.thousandeyes.com/solutions/multi-cloud-monitoring, you will notice that getting multi-cloud monitoring services is a better choice. Here are the reasons.

You Have All Your Products in One Place

When there is one monitoring company taking care of your services across all cloud platforms, you are sure that they will provide the same level of efficiency on all your accounts. In addition to that, you know that they are in charge of everything and therefore, they are part of your business. This situation leads to a situation whereby you will only be going to one party when you have a problem. Unlike when you would have to communicate o different companies every day, you will just be getting reports from one, and this means that you will have an ample time to manage other tasks related to your business.

You Can Avoid an Inter-Service Clash

Multiple agencies taking care of your accounts can cause a situation whereby they clash on several issues. For instance, if the monitoring company that is taking care of your Amazon Web Services cloud account is asking you to review some aspects of your working plan and the one taking care of Google Cloud is proposing something different, you will be confused. You will not know what to do, especially when you know that they are all experts. However, when you have one company taking care of all these services, they will realize the clashing nature of these reports, and therefore, they will unify things and allow you o work in peace.

You Will Have More Time on Your Hands

When you have one company taking care of all your cloud platforms, it means that you have less work. Your schedule will involve talking to one professional and not three or more. In addition to that, you will end up having more time on your hand sine the hours that you used to spend with the other professionals will now be available. This is one of the ways you get to work on those tasks that have been pending for too long. By getting more time to focus on developing your business rather than monitoring several services, you will increase your productivity.

If you choose to get a multi-cloud monitoring service, you have to look at what these companies can do carefully. You should be sure that they have the ability o take care of all the platforms and deliver high-quality services. You can look at the number of customers subscribed to their services and how long they have been in the industry to know about their suitability.

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