How to choose a commercial cold room

Having the correct refrigeration facilities and adequate room for chilled produce is essential for your business if you want to make sure that you don’t waste valuable food or face shortages because items have gone off unexpectedly.

Commercial cold rooms are the ideal refrigeration solution for many businesses but there are considerations to be made before you choose the one for you. You want to ensure that you can store considerable volumes for cost-effective and convenient amounts of time but you also need to think about how much room you need, how much space you have available in your premises and, of course, your budget.

Know what you need

The real key to making the right choice from the range of commercial cold rooms available is to know exactly what you need for your business and commercial circumstances and to comply with chilling regulations as described at

You need to look carefully at your business premises and kitchen area, assessing not just the area available, but also the way in which you and any staff work and other equipment that you need in the area. You may even want to consider having your cold room built on to your existing space, boosting the area you have to operate in, and ensuring that deliveries and access are as easy, quick and convenient as possible.

Space and specifications

You also need to assess how much storage space you need and the specifications you require from your particular cold room. Make sure you do your research and make the most of advice from specialist suppliers such as and manufacturers to ensure that you buy the refrigeration solution that best suits your specific requirements. The specifications you require can depend on everything from the kinds of ingredients and food you need to store and the amount of shelving you need to the area available and the amount and regularity of access you require.

Considering these factors carefully can prevent costly mistakes when choosing your cold room and the discomfort of coming to the conclusion you have made a poor choice when you realise that you are spending unnecessary money on cooling a too large area, for example, or that you still don’t have enough space for the goods you need to store.

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