Is it really possible to manage a VAT number without an accountant?

Is it possible to cut this expense as well and do it all by yourself? With our article we will try to answer these questions, evaluating the pros and cons of each option: rely on an expert in tax matters or deal independently with the various obligations?

Freelancers and sole proprietors who choose to register for VAT already know that the accountant is one of the fixed costs they will have to bear. In recent years, however, the trend is to prefer subsidized tax regimes, as they are considered “easier” to manage even without the help of a consultant with ยื่นภาษี.

However, cost cutting may prove less beneficial than expected as managing one VAT number without an accountant, therefore in total autonomy and without being able to compare, if necessary, with an expert, involves risks and responsibilities which, too often , taxpayers tend to underestimate. Let’s see if it is really possible, and especially if it is convenient, to do everything by yourself or if it is better to look for an alternative solution.

Today, in fact, there are online services that offer excellent assistance at competitive prices!

After everything has been said and done, we have seen how a software program for business accounting may assist a firm in managing all of its commercial activities and financing its many interests.

There are at least four reasons why the SAP management software is a superior choice from this perspective. It permits the control and administration of a significant volume of data, as well as the digitalization of a critical business process – that is, corporate accounting – with all of the advantages that accrue as a consequence. Aside from that, owing to the in-memory technology, all data is stored and accessible inside a single central memory system.


Finally, the SAP accounting application enables you to have up-to-date information at all times, allowing you to optimize the functioning of your firm.

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